Saturday, May 30

The Duduk

There's an ancient Armenian instrument called the duduk. Which is a double reed instrument made out of Apricot wood. It has the most haunting, lonely sound ever.

The first video I would like to show you features the great Armenian musician, Djivan Gasparyan, playing a piece based off of Hans Zimmer's "Duduk of the North" (a piece Hans wrote for "Gladiator"). This is where it's at folks!

This video is Yanni with a composition featuring the duduk. Which leads into Yanni's lustrous "Nostalgia".


ThomasJG said...

What is this music style considered?
Croatian? or maybe Celtic?

In the first video it seemed like the audience did not know that they were supposed to start clapping now, LOL.
T.J. Greer

Peter said...

I would call it middle eastern. I think the first one has a bit of Spanish influence.

Ha! I think people were too much in awe to clap. :)

The Parish Clan said...

Wow!! This post was like ten years ago :)

Carolj said...

Hi, I came to your site through HSA.

Woah. That duduk has an amazing sound!! So soft. Like a human voice...