Monday, April 6

He's back least for a while. I thought I do a bit of blogging.

A few happenings lately:

I went to Aaron and Jessica's wedding on May 22nd. When I was there, I took a picture of their wedding cake.

I also blew bubbles at Aaron and Jessica as they left! Then I pelted Aaron with snowballs with some fellow pranksters! Good times.

I was a groomsman at Aaron and Jessica's wedding, which was cool. They gave us groomsmen presents. Which was also cool. I got a mug, a pen, a "Swiss Tech", and an iTunes gift card. I'm available if anyone would like me to be a groomsman for their wedding. Just let me know!

With my gift card, I got The Lord of the Rings - Original Cast Recording...a musical by A. R. Rahman (more on that later). And I spent the rest on Dreams of Departures by Joshua Messick. I've been enjoying both productions.

Two days after the wedding I turned 20, believe it or not. I went one last time at Badger Pass and had a Reuben for dinner. Among other gifts I received, Jesse got me the book you see below. It's one I've been wanting for a while...Morimoto: The New Art of Japanese Cooking. I've pretty much only flipped through it, but it looks very goood. Chloe got me Rocky Road and Caramel Cone Haagen Dazs. I finished the Rocky Road, and will soon dig into the next. Don't worry too much about me. When I eat ice-cream, a have it in small quantities.

I'm continuing work on my video project. It will be released sometime in June hopefully. I'm buttoning up the edit, making transitions between the parts, and getting ready for the music to be composed for it. There will likely be more on it later if some of you don't know what I'm talking about.

All for now...


The McCracken family said...

Hi Peter -- You're still here! Kaylee went on a search for the Lord of the Rings production (the one you posted about above). The video wouldn't come up on your blog, but she found stuff somewhere else. Wow!
Looking forward to YOUR video / DVD!
Lori McC