Monday, March 31

My splendid birthday

Recently there was a big event in my life. My 19th birthday was a day of indulging, generosity, and beards.

As is the tradition, I picked what we had for dinner. I see this as a chance to have something I like but don’t normally get because most of the family can’t eat it or won’t; a selfish scheme indeed. I think fish is wonderful but only half of the family can eat it. And well, I like things a lot hotter (as in spicy) than most! So now was my chance! Here was the menu.

Blackened Mahi-Mahi with Mango Salsa
Mushroom Gruyère Salad
Rice Pilaf
Lemon Bars for dessert

Being the cook that I am, I couldn’t help but get my hands in the preparations. I basically took ownership of the main dish. None of us had ever made blackened fish at home so it was new. But man was it good. And paired with the fresh Mango Salsa? Marvelous.

After the dishes were cleared it came time for gifts.

I got an iPod Nano from my parents, Granny, and Leah (No, these things are not cheap). I had grown out of my old 2GB Sansa and was ready for an upgrade. Nanos are very well designed, not to mention they are extremely flashy.

Aaron got me a CD and a documentary about one of my favorite books.

David paid for my last ski trip, which was quite enhanced with the humongous pair of ski goggles that Jesse got me.

Susanna got me the Between the Dreaming and the Coming True songbook. Very neat. I wish I could play an instrument so I could use it :).

And Chloe and Julia got me two pints of Haagen Dazs ice cream…Pineapple Coconut and Chocolate Chocolate Chip. They’re two kinds I haven’t tried yet and great choices. I can pick between dark and rich or light and refreshing, depending on the mood I’m in.

At 7:30 a good friend invited me over to watch a movie and have rice krispy treaties (yep, this guy knows me :). I hadn’t seen Pollyanna for a long time :P. After the show, they pulled out fixings for banana splits, which would be my third dessert of the evening. What a day.

Oh, and the beard thing. I just think that by nineteen, a man should be able to grow a beard. I was determined and even went to my interview at the Elderberry House with it partly grown. Unfortunately by my birthday it was still partly grown. But I did what I could, and had hair on my face that could actually be noticed, sparse though it was.


The Werzinski's said...

Happy birthday, Peter! Good luck with the beard:).


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!
I'm sorry for the late wishes but what a great evening!
love Dorie