Sunday, February 24

Update!!! Whoo-hoo

I have probably already come not to expect much from me. But I thought I'd tell you a little of what I've been doing (besides jellyfishing around).

Erna's Elderberry House has an opening for a Sous chef, so I'm getting a resume ready to send to the chef, James Overbaugh.

I am still in the "data collection" stage of my gargantuan senior project.

I'm finally wrapping up Max and Jenny's complete wedding video. It's not going to fit on one DVD.

The skiing trip I organized was a success. Some pics.

I've been sleeping in way too late lately. I'm eating breakfast right now and it's 10:49.

I think that is partly because I've been staying up way late.

Which is partly because Aaron and I have been watching the extended version of The Lord of the Rings.

I'm chewing a waffle.

A couple days ago I finished my pint of Haagen Dazs' Limited Edition "Green Tea' flavor. Pretty bold green tea flavor for sure.

We're getting ready for a massive grading project on our property. I think we're leveling everything except for the house and the play house pretty much. So I was pitching in and digging a trench for a new gas line.

Dad is in South Africa right now with Jonathan Lindvall teaching on Church, Family, etc.


Maureen said...

How exciting about the possible job opportunity! Please keep us updated. Can't wait to see the Parish wedding final! I know you've been working hard on it. I kind of lost your blog address when I switched computers so I will now use Garrett's instructional for Wizz RSS to include you on my RSS feeds.

Thanks for updating and looking forward to more posts!


The McCracken family said...

Erna's Elderberry House?! Wow! Forgot to ask you about that last night. We'll be praying about that.

Lori McC

Peter said...

I sent a resume and letter their way today. I'm looking forward to see what happens with it all. Have you been there?

The McCracken family said...

Just checked back here... saw your question. No, never been there - have just heard glowing reports of it.