Thursday, September 13

Accident in the mountains

Continuing the case on the Woolly Mammoth Crisis...

For one thing, you should stay as far away from these creatures as you can, especially the high elevation ones. For another thing, if you've ever tried to ride one you know how hard it is to stay on...the wooliness of it and the wide back make it a very slippery and precarious ride indeed (not to mention, you never know what a wild Woolly Mammoth would do if it finds it has a human on its back!). It's a very dangerous endeavor to ride a Woolly Mammoth, trust me. But hey, the experience is priceless. Only, we can do without the falling part.

I was attempting a maneuver that wasn't the smartest and slipped and fell like you see in this picture. I finally skidded to a stop somewhere off the picture.

Docter vs. Patient (click picture to enlarge)

Wilderness first aid

Admiring each others patches

The mummy

Whose idea was this? Gross!

Interview at camp (video)

For a whole bunch of pictures from our trip go here.

My bandage is loosing it's stickiness.


The Werzinski's said...

Peter, don't you know that you aren't supposed to wear shorts when you're hiking? Then falls like that don't hurt so bad:) Anyway, we're glad you're feeling better now.


Peter said...

Actually, The point is to not fall in the first place. So the question could be instead, "Don't you know that you aren't supposed to do dumb things when you're hiking?" But I see what you saying. Sometimes things happen.

jsb...merely a man... said...

Peter, You are an absolute nut! Thanks for making me laugh.