Sunday, May 13

Happy Mothers Day!

To my Mom, who never forsook me and was always there for me.

Although I had already been alive for almost nine months, I didn’t know there was more to life than doing what I was doing, or wasn’t doing. I was perfectly content there, getting fed somehow, and not having to worry about when or what to eat. I also didn’t have to worry about clothes; their look, their size, or even the absence of them! I was stress-free, although I did notice things were getting increasingly crowded day by day…nothing to worry about now though. I was warm and relaxed, and undisturbed most of the time.
But sometimes I had suspicions. I had suspicions that everything does not and can not revolve around me. This would not have occurred to me, if it weren’t for the faint voices pulsating around me. I realized that there was a bigger picture, and if I wanted to see it, I would somehow need to “burst the bubble”, as it were, that I was in. I was comfortable, but I was restless and bored. I was warm, but I was helpless and lonely. I was in bondage and would somehow need to be set free. But before long, one, nonnegotiable truth became sure to me; that I had no strength on my own to accomplish this task, none at all.

Then one day, as I was swimming in my uncertainties, I felt a squeeze. It hurt, but I shrugged it off. Until another one came, and another, greater every time. Now they were coming at increasingly smaller intervals, pressing me, each time, against the walls of my preset standards. They forced me to submit to a larger veracity. I was then pressed into and immensely tight situation. Which hurt greatly, and I thank God I don’t remember it.

Then suddenly, as I was about to give up, something seemed to snap. I was liberated. I saw. I opened my mouth in astonished wonder, when unexpectedly, a gust of unrestrained nitrogen and oxygen poured into my tiny lungs. I felt like choking on this foreign substance, but when I tried to, another blast came gushing in. It seemed to permeate me, circulating deeper into me. I was enthralled by this and almost didn’t realize the reality of what now had to happen.

Before I could protest I was brought underneath a flowing mass of transparent matter. This was similar to what I had been used to, except that it refreshed itself constantly, it was alive. It felt so good to be underneath this flood when suddenly I was disturbed once again. I was flipped, squeezed, jolted, and jostled until every bit of me was as pure and clean as the water that washed me.

Then I heard. I heard a voice I recognized. It was clearer now than ever before. I wept as I fell into her arms. I cried because I couldn’t survive by myself.


Cassie said...

Thank you Peter! This was too sweet ~ my life would not be the same without you!
Love, Mom