Tuesday, April 17

Apr: Curry Powder

I sort of promised you this recipe so here it is. It's from the CIA's book, "The Professional Chef".

Makes about 1 ounce

3/4 0z cumin seeds
1/3 oz coriander seeds
1 tsp whole mustard seeds
4 small dried red chilies, or to taste

1 tbsp ground cinnamon

1/4 oz ground turmeric
1 tbsp ground ginger

Combine all the seeds and chilies. Roast in a 350ºF oven for 5 minutes. Remove and cool slightly. Split the chilies and remove the seeds.

Grind the whole spices, ground spices, and chilies in a spice mill or with a mortar and pestle until evenly blended.

Add paprika, cloves, or fresh curry leaves to the blend if desired.

An old coffee grinder like this one really comes in handy when grinding whole spices. They are very fast and efficient for the task.


Fornari Family said...

Thanks for posting this recipe! We have been looking for a good curry powder recipe.
Do you use curry leaves when you make it?
Good to see you blogging again!

Peter said...

Actually, Ive never made this before. But I want to sometime! I really do. And, when I make it the first time, I probably won't include the leaves.

Peter said...

This recipe comes form a great source, so I'm sure it's good.