Wednesday, September 27

Three reasons I have this blog.

  1. One of my major hobbies is cooking (and eating). It is something I am quite passionate about and I want to share with you some of the joy of making good food. So one of the ways I've thought of doing that is posting a weekly seasonal "recipe". The bulk of what I will post will be me just chatting about the creative process of cooking and other topics having to do with the subject, such as, familiarizing you with various ingredients, and expounding on a certain techniques.
  2. I will also be reviewing books I've read (mostly biographies and cook(ing) books), music I've heard, and movies and videos I've seen.
  3. Last but not least, you will get to see glimpses into my world. Wow, what a privilege! You will even get to see what I think about things. I will share with you some of my thoughts on life, love, lasagna and the like. Aren’t you just feeling so lucky! Aww, you just can't wait for more posts, can you? I am quite an opinionated fellow though, which you will likely find out before not too long. I said I'm opinionated! Do you understand me?! I'm OPINIONATED I tell you! Anyway, back to the thrill of bloging with me, If you are still interested that is. Oh yeah, and about that lasagna...


Aaron said...

You're off and running! Looks great man.

I liked reason #3. Opinions are good things to have around.

Parish Family said...

Hi Peter!

It's great to see you in the blog world.

Looking forward to those recipes!

Parish Family said...

Ok Peter, its been long enough now...where are those recipes???? And you just talking about food and how you make it?????

(I like your blog! Keep it up, Pete) Mrs. Parish